Terms & Conditions

Revision Policy

Our priority is the utmost customer satisfaction, and therefore, we provide you with all the revisions included in your opted package. We continue to revise your order as per your instructions until you are not satisfied with the delivery. However, any changes/revisions requested once the delivery is finalized will be considered as a new order.

Refund Policy

Following are the conditions for which the refund policy is nil thereof:

  • If the client has already approved the primary design concept.
  • In case, the client has demanded revisions.
  • If the client has canceled the order due to reasons not related to the company.
  • Client does not contact the company within two weeks of the project.
  • If the client violates any policy or conditions of the company.
  • If the client approaches any other company for the same design.
  • If the client fails to provide the complete details of instructions in our creative brief form..
  • Client asks for a complete change of design.
  • Your claim has been put after the expiry of the project.
  • Your business has closed or has changed the name.
  • No reason such as 'change of mind' or 'disagreement with your partner' will be accounted for refund.
  • If the client buys a package, and feel unsatisfied with only one service under it, the refund will be made on the particular service, and not on the entire package.
  • You will not be eligible for a refund after 15 days from the day you purchase or subscribe to any package.
  • The client won't be able to claim refunds on the services, but are not limited to, SEO, domain registration, and web hosting.
  • For the website, if the client once approves the design and is sent for the development, in such situations, you won't be entitled to refunds.
  • Your claim has been put after the expiry of the project.
  • Your claim has been put after the expiry of the project.
  • Your claim has been put after the expiry of the project.

If your issue is other than that mentioned above, contact us to claim your refunds. However, after you receive refunds, you won't have any rights to the designs we submit to you.

Quality Assurance Policy

We do our best to deliver what you expect. Dynamo Web Studio ensures super quality services for its clients. We go beyond the limits to satisfy our clients.


We provide unlimited revisions so that you get your desired results and let us enjoy your 100% satisfaction with our services (the number of revisions is based on the type of package you choose).

Delivery Policy

We deliver your order on your given contact details. Our delivery takes the time specified in our packages, however, the minimum time for the delivery is two business days. For urgent orders, you can contact us.


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Customer Support

Our team strives to serve you in the best possible way. We keep a record of your designs so even if, due to any reason, you lose the original design, our team can provide you with the exact file anytime you want. The customer support team is 24/7 available to help you in any way.