Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

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How and What Information Do We Collect

We collect our clients' personal information in various ways. It can include a phone call, email, or when you place your order or contact us to inquire about our services. We never share your personal information with any third party, in any way, and keep it protected.

The basic information required by us at the initial stage of the contract includes our client's name, phone, email, secondary email, billing address, fax number, order details, residential address, and some optional information is also required, in certain cases. We also need information in our brief which is required to deliver your order as per your requirements.

Moreover, we sometimes collect your personal information when we ask for your opinions about our products, or when you register any complaints.

The technical information collected by our website includes your IP address, operating system, date and time when you visit our website, and the browser version as well. We make use of Google Analytics or similar tools to collect the information.

How We Use Your Personal Information

The reason why we collect your personal information is associated with what products you need, and what other things will help you get that certain product. Also, the billing information is required in order to process the payment.

We use your email address to stay in contact with you regarding the order delivery, your requirements, and to collect your opinion about the use of our product. Also, we send emails to notify you about the website updates or send you promotional emails about our new products or services. The information comes in handy for us to build our marketing strategy to sell our products in the most efficient way.

Privacy of Payments

We offer our clients various payment options to make payments to ensure safe and secure payment processing. Our payment processor makes use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) indicated as ‘https//’ to make the payment processing safe and secur


We know how concerned you can be about your personal information. And therefore, we assure you that your information will be saved for only legit communication and that it will never be shared with any third party, in any circumstances, unless any law agency requires it. We use your information to make your delivery seamless and trouble-free so that you enjoy our services.

Website Updates

In order to provide our clients with a seamless browsing experience, we keep on updating our website. However, in any case, for any reason, if we need to update your personal information, we bring it to your notice before updating it.

Conditions of Information Disclosure

We ensure that your personal information is protected. However, in certain circumstances, we may need to disclose your personal information in response to any legal proceedings, or court orders..

Contact Us

If you have any reservations, confusion, or have any query regarding our privacy policy, contact us to discuss them with us.